Vertigo & Dizziness – The World is Spinning

Vertigo & dizziness, although similar are completely different from one another. With vertigo, you actually get the illusionary experience that your environment is moving and so you feel like you are moving too. With dizziness you simply feel that the world is spinning but you know that you are not moving. When you perceive that the world is moving it is known as vertigo. Dizziness occurs as a result of lightheadedness. Many factors can cause vertigo or dizziness. These factors can range from mild to severe and can be anything from an inner ear infection to decreased blood flow to the base of the brain.

Natural supplements that contain ingredients such as black cohosh are best to use to treat dizziness and vertigo. Black cohosh can also target causes of confusion and headache, which can increase feeling of vertigo & dizziness. It also relieves sinus pressure so that you can relieve feelings of lightheadedness. Black cohosh is also available as an herbal tea that you can drink. Drinking this tea or taking this supplement on a daily basis can prevent you from further problems involved with dizziness and vertigo. It can also decrease the number of headaches you suffer from throughout the week.

Vertigo & dizziness can also be caused by inner ear problems. It is suggested that you increase your intake of B1 (thiamine) and B6 (folic acid) to reduce inner ear problems. Both of these natural supplements promote healthy blood flow as well which can decrease serious problems associated with a lack of blood circulation to the brain. Taking a daily dose of these supplements can improve your total body health as well as improve symptoms associated with dizziness and vertigo. When you get dizzy, you may experience a ringing in your ears known as tinnitus. Black cohosh, thiamine, and folic acid are great treatments for ear ringing as well.

Add garlic to your diet to promote healthy blood flow. Increasing your circulation reduces risks involved with vertigo & dizziness. When you experience vertigo or become dizzy, you run the risk of falling and hitting your head, which can cause serious injury. Since these problems can be associated with more severe issues, it is best to tell your doctor if these systems are severe or become persistent. Your doctor will probably have to run a scan to determine the cause of the problem in order to make sure that there is not something more serious going on.

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