Lip Enhancement – I Want Plump Lips

Many women wish they could rid their face of thin lips and trade them in for that “Jolie” look. Those lush plump lips that you see on many Hollywood faces become the focus of envy for several women. Well, thanks to natural lip enhancement, the need to wish is no more. Now it is entirely possible to achieve fuller, plumper lips using natural injections lip balms that plump up the lip using natural ingredients. Your smile is sure to get noticed with fuller, more lush looking lips. If fuller lips are what you desire, it can also boost your self-confidence so that you can feel sexier when you walk in a room.

Natural lip enhancement is possible in a variety of ways. One way is the use of light reflection. High shine lip glosses placed carefully on the lips reflect light so that it tricks the eye into thinking that your lips look fuller than they really are. If you use a lip liner, you can actually draw a fuller line around your mouth and fill it in with a high shine lip gloss. Lip enlargement can also be done using a small handheld pump that actually suctions the lips outward so that it pulls fluid into the lips.

Moisturizing your lips can also provide fullness to them. Dry lips tend to appear thin and cracked. When you apply natural moisturizers to your lips, you enable them to look and feel healthier and fuller so this is actually one of the best lip enhancement treatments that you can use. Find a rehydrating moisture balm that keeps the lips looking wet and hydrated throughout the day. Like a raisin, your lips may appear thin when dry but full and plump when properly moisturized. There are also many lip balms that contain natural ingredients to draw fluid and collagen into the lips

Balms that act as natural lip enhancements are a great way to achieve full, plump looking lips. They, like suctioning, draw fluid into the lips to keep them plump all day long. It is best to use an all-natural balm since medicated balms can actually cause the lips to feel as though they are burning or stinging as many women have reported. While some natural lip balms may have the same side effect, the chances of this occurring are rare and the effects are milder than those associated with unnaturally medicated balms.

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