Eyelash Enhancers – Want Longer Lashes?

Many women would love to have longer eyelashes. They may go through tons of expensive mascaras or even fake eyelashes to give the appearance of longer lashes but the results usually fall short. Eyelash enhancers were recently discovered in a glaucoma eye drop treatment used to lower pressure in the eye. This medication had the added benefit of enhancing the length and thickness of the eyelashes in most patients. The ingredients in this medication have been added to many natural eyelash enhancers in order to help women achieve the look of lush lashes that they have always wanted. The enhancer is applied like eyeliner to the eye so that it boosts eyelash growth from the root.

Avoid products that claim to be all-natural since they may not be. Many eyelash enhancers contain a chemical known as prostaglandins, which has been the center or controversy since its discovery. This chemical reportedly does damage to the eyes over time and can cause adverse affects such as itchy, dry eyes, and even damaged eyesight. A truly all-natural supplement will not contain this controversial chemical but will still provide you with the thick, lush lashes you desire.

Natural eyelash enhancers contain water and a second, powerful ingredient known as hydrolyzed soy protein. Hydrolyzed soy protein is a type of vegetable protein that allows your lashes to retain moisture so that they are conditioned. The added benefit is that it gives the eyelashes a natural shine. Another key ingredient is magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, which is derived from vitamin C. This exfoliating ingredient boosts the skins collagen using non-irritating methods. This is what stimulates the eyelash to grow longer and more lush. Furthermore, these enhancers also contain adenosine, which is a type of energy molecule. This allows the cells of the lashes to communicate in order to promote healthy eyelash growth.

The ingredients list goes on even further from amino acids to vitamins and minerals that support eye support as well. This makes eyelash enhancers good for your lashes and good for the health of your eyes. Since these enhancers contain all-natural ingredients, there is little risk involved with eye irritation. Itching, swelling, itching, and blurred vision is not a common problem with natural eyelash enhancers so you can use it safely and effectively to enhance your lashes. Boosting the length of your lashes gives your eyes a dramatic look that is sure to get you noticed. It draws attention the feature of your face that matters most, your eyes.

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