Anti Fungal/Bacterial – How Can I Treat These Ailments?

If you suffer from an anti fungal/bacterial infection, it is highly recommended that you consider alternative health methods and natural remedies rather than traditional prescription medications that can be extremely costly. Many natural remedies to treat bacterial and anti fungal infections can be found right inside your home. There is no need to worry about the effectiveness of these treatments since they are proven to be just as effective, if not more effective, than medicated treatments and they save you money in the long run.

The most common natural ingredient that can be used to treat anti-fungal/bacterial infections is garlic. Garlic is just as strong as many high powered antibacterial and anti fungal medications. For example, nystatin is commonly used to treat bacterial and anti fungal infections such as candida. When patients with candida were tested using garlic and nystatin, those using garlic reported similar results in terms of treatment as those that were taking nystatin. The fact is, garlic is much cheaper than nystatin so do not be afraid to sprinkle and extra healthy dose of your next meal. Throw together a fancy Italian dinner for your family and add an extra pinch of garlic if you are suffering from an anti fungal or bacterial infection.

Remember to wash your hands and body thoroughly to avoid spreading anti fungal/bacterial infections to other parts of your body or to others living in your home. Make sure you wash sheets, clothing, and any towels used in hot water to effectively kill the infection. Bacterial infections are highly contagious and can easily spread through hand-to-hand contact or by touching infected surfaces in your home. Wipe all surfaces that you touch clean before leaving a room. Avoid hand-to-hand contact with others in your home until you have effectively cured the anti fungal or bacterial infection.

Consider the use of Echinacea and a multivitamins supplement to boost your immune system. Many vitamins can increase your immune system so that it is easier for you to fight of anti fungal/bacterial infections. Even if you do not currently have an infection, you should follow these tips anyway in order to prevent the outbreak of an infection. Since these treatments are all-natural, the risk of side effects is limited. Natural supplements are not addictive like many medications are and they do not cause ill side effects that upset your stomach or leave you feeling nauseated, fatigued, and dizzy throughout the day.

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